About us

We are cultural scientists and passionate publishers. The migration years starting in 2015 have prompted us to reinvent our field of activity: Too many people in Germany / Europe have problems to communicate sufficiently with their doctors – especially when they are affected by migration and/or traumatized and still have to find their way in a completely new surrounding. 

Together with a team of doctors, nurses and medical experts, we have developed:

  • blue MedGuide General Medicine for hospitals and GPs
  • red MedGuide Pregnancy & Obstetrics for gynaecologists and midwives
  • green MedGuide Mental Health for clinical counsellors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, experts in psychosomatics
The comprehensive content of all the MedGuide is available as an app (for free / beta-version).

These were and are a valuable help to facilitate medical interaction (www.vocavision.de/medguide/)
The illustrated MedGuide had been awarded in Berlin for intercultural communication between doctor and patient.
All contents of the comprehensive MedGuide are immediately available as an app in the beta for free testing.

In addition, we are currently developing communication aids for nursing staff – regardless of where the care-giver comes from and regardless of where the care-taker has its origins.

The current corona crisis is leading to a massive communication deficit: both patients* and employees of public institutions should be better protected by a clear communication of important health details.

This is exactly what we are striving for. In concrete terms, we support doctors and nurses. But the crisis will show in other areas as well. We support this – and ask for your support for this, too!

Michael Schwarz, Husum / Berlin

Please do not hesitate to contact us, of there any questions. Danke schön / thank you!